Thursday the 24th of November was a fantastic day! The Dutch Ambassador Pascalle Grotenhuis opened our new flagship store in Matola. We will work together with the Director of Energy for Maputo Province to provide solar energy solutions to both urban and rural Mozambique. We will do this via PAYGO so people only have to pay for the energy the need. People can read, watch TV and charge their phones with the use of our PowerBox – all with affordable, reliable and sustainable energy!

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The Kingdom of the Netherlands launched, together with her partners, Orange Corners. This is a place where South African and Dutch entrepreneurs can connect, work together and expand their business. Orange Corners is a platform for local entrepreneurs, startups, who can learn and grow their business. Solar Works! was invited as an inspiring example of how a startup can grow into an international company!

In 2007 Solar Works started at the Incubator of the Technical University of Delft. Still all our research and development takes place there. Now, 9 years later, Solar Works has offices in three countries and is doing business in even more countries!

Since a few months Solar Works! is holding office in Matola, Mozambique. In this country, where 25 million people live, only 20% have access to the grid. This means 80% of its resident are off the grid. Solar Works! will bring electricity to those who need it by offering all solar products via pay-as-you-go. This means you only pay for what you need and after two years the Solar PowerBox is yours and you never have to pay for your energy again! You can charge your phone for free, watch television whenever you want and your kids don’t have an excuse anymore to not do their homework. Are you ready to make your dreams come true?

Visit the Solar Works! Mozambique website...

In September we had important visitors! Persistent Energy as well as the Shell Foundation came to South Africa and Mozambique to see how solar energy is used in rural areas. We went to Magalies, northwest from Johannesburg, to show them how our products are used by people who are off the grid. It was an interesting tour through informal settlements where we could see that people used it to lighten up their homes, become a small business man by charging other men’s phone or just to watch TV.