SolarWorks! Malawi Partners with USAID to Kick Off Affordable SHS Program

Lilongwe, Malawi- “We know what a difference the Kickstarter Program will make for our customers, “said Karuna Phillips, Country Director for SolarWorks! Malawi. “This grant will further our ability to expand our operations ensuring more energy connections for Malawians. Our team is honored and excited to have been selected.”

Early this year, USAID announced plans to launch a catalytic “SHS Kick-Starter Program” in Malawi to grow the SHS market through their Southern Africa Energy Program (SAEP). The SHS Kick-Starter Program aims to tackle the perceived barriers of small market size and limited affordability. Following a rigorous evaluation process, SolarWorks! Malawi has been selected as one of four grant recipients to take part in the three-year program.

Just under 11% of Malawians have access to electricity, with less than 4% access in rural areas. The Government of Malawi supports SE4ALL targets of achieving universal access by 2030, which means off-grid solutions would make up 70% of all new connections. As an off-the-shelf, leapfrog technology that has been implemented with remarkable success across Sub-Saharan Africa, boxed SHS present an unique opportunity to meet this ambitious goal.

SolarWorks! Malawi was incorporated in Malawi in late 2018 and became the first for-profit international PAYGo player to sell modular Solar Home Systems and accessories in the country. The team brings together entrepreneurial expertise and an experienced local team.

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