RLThe SolarWorks! Roof Light is ideal for a single-room home, shed or stand-alone toilet where there is a need for an anti-theft system. It will yield up to 8 hours of light when fully charged. It can be attached to any kind of roof and once fixed it cannot be stolen, but you can choose to install the light so that it is removable. The light works on a timer or with a standard on/off switch.

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Light source

  • Illuminates a room of up to 10 m2
  • Manual on/off switch and optional timer
  • Up to 8 hours of light





Peace of mind

  • Optional anti-theft lock ensures that the solar panel cannot be stolen





Made to last

  • All components are designed to endure harsh environments
  • At least five-year battery life





Easy to install

  • Fits any kind of roof

  • No specialised knowledge of electronics needed n Comes with a simple step-by-step manual





Quick charging

  • Charges fully in five hours of full sunlight




Suitable for all environments and clients

  • Ideal for security guard shelters, informal dwellings, public toilets, garages, workshops, etc.


Specifications (Technical data)

Specifications (Technical data)


Colour temperature Bright daylight white light
Luminous flux 45 lumen
Type of light Diffuse
Panel Poly Crystalline 1 Watt Peak
Battery LiFeP04 3.2Wh
Battery Cycles 1500 cycles
Hours of light 8 hours

Why we created the Roof Light

rooflight-whyWhy we created the Roof Light

Worldwide, governments are struggling to cope with the increasing demand for housing for the huge numbers of people moving from rural to urban areas and they are often forced to live in massive informal settlements where there is no electricity and a high risk of theft. To create a lighting solution for this market in particular Arnoud and Bernard first investigated the living conditions in these settlements. The use of candles is widespread because lanterns and torches are often stolen. They were also impressed at the pride people take in their humble dwellings. They decided to make a light that can be installed as a permanent fixture and added a theft-proof solution.

What our clients say

What our clients say

“I used to work in the dark. My shed had no lighting so I had to use candles. Since the company installed the SolarWorks! Rooflight I feel safer and I can actually see what I am doing!”

“Our community installed a SolarWorks! Rooflight in the communal toilet. Now it is much nicer and we can turn the light on and off very easily. We also like the fact that it is impossible to steal without taking off the whole roof!”