The SolarWorks! Home System is a stylish lighting solution ideal for a two-bedroom home. It comes with five lamps – each with its own switch. You can also use the Home System to charge your mobile and most notebooks and tablets. It is equipped with a solar panel, but can also run on a car battery or mains power if there is not enough sunshine.

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Gives you light

  • Enables you to work, read, and do homework using bright LCD light
  • 5 bright lights, each with its own independent switch
  • 120 lumen per light





Charges your mobile and other devices

  • Charges all mobiles, from the simplest model to the latest smartphone
  • Also charges mp3 players, and most notebooks and tablets
  • Includes a USB cable with 10 different connectors





Not dependent exclusively on the sun

  • The system's battery hub can be charged with solar power or any other power source between 5 and 24V DC (for example, a car battery or plugging it into the mains)
  • Automatically switches to alternative connected power sources in cloudy weather so that your power supply is uninterrupted
  • Accessories for charging the battery using alternative power sources are available from SolarWorks!





Smart Battery Hub means independence and flexibility

  • Battery level and charge indicator so you know how much battery is left
  • Can charge fully in five hours
  • Switches automatically to other power sources in cloudy weather
  • High quality Lithium battery that will last a minimum of five years





Easy to install

  • No knowledge of electronics necessary
  • Includes a step-by-step manual included and drilling templates to assist with the installation process


Specifications (Technical data)

HSSpecifications (Technical data)

Lamp wattage

1.25 Watts

Colour temperature

6000K bright white light

Luminous flux

At least 120 lumen per lamp

Type of light



Independent wall switch for each lamp


LiFeP04 – 40Wh

Solar Panel

14 Watt peak

Additional power sources

Car battery, grid charger etc


Overcharge and over-drainage

Cable length

Solar panel – 6 metres Lamps – 6 metres
Wall switch – 3.5 metres


4 x 12V/ USB A / 5V 500mA


shs-accessories-graphSolarworks! Home system accessories

Solarworks! Home system gets its energy from the sun when it is shining. In cloudy weather you can use either of the accessories below to ensure uninterrupted supply. You choose how to charge your Solar Home System!

clips charger

(to 5.5 mm plug)

(to 5.5 mm plug)

Why the product was created

shs-whyWhy we created the Solar Home System

The founders of Solarworks!, Arnoud van Vroomen and Bernard Hulshof, recognised the need for cost-effective, accessible power for the millions of so-called "low cost" dwellings being built to cater to the housing requirements of newly urbanised populations around the world. They began their research by interviewing companies involved in this type of construction and discovered that most low-cost dwellings are between 30 and 60 m2 with two bedrooms, an open-plan kitchen-cum-living room, and a bathroom. A logical but very simple question followed: “What would your ideal system look like if you want to provide lighting and basic charging power?” The result is the Solar Home System.

What makes it different

What makes the Solar Home System different

The Solar Home System uses cost-effective solar energy as its primary source of power and uses the sun whenever it can. When there is not enough sunlight it can be connected to a car battery or to mains power using an AC adaptor or battery clamps and will scan for these secondary sources. The system charges quickly – it takes only five hours in full sunlight – and typically lasts about three nights.

Each of the five lights included in the system is operated using independent switches that can be installed to suit your individual preferences. The system's flexibility is enhanced by its stylish components which are designed to complement your living space. 

What our clients say

shs-sayWhat our clients say

“Our lives have changed so much since we installed the SolarWorks! Home system. Since we do not have access to the grid, we need alternative power. Now our house has lights so the children can do their homework, and we can see what we are doing without the smell of kerosene. I love having switches and the fact that I have light in the bathroom! I am proud of my house.”

“We installed the SolarWorks Home System in our house to cope with load shedding. The lights are beautiful and stylish and complement our modern decor. My wife is really happy that  she can charge her iPhone even when there is no power.”